PI: Rogan, Elizabeth Proposal No.: 1540895 The high level of technical development stimulated by the BRAIN initiatives is drawing new researchers into the field from diverse disciplines ranging from chemistry and genetics, to laser optics and neurosurgery. OSA has identified the urgent need for a forum where these researchers can come together and discuss optics in the brain at many levels. The researchers will participate in discussions of highly technical components of optical design and optical interactions with tissue. They will also consider the motivating factors in developing optical tools for neuroscience research across organisms, from cells and flies to rodents and humans. This meeting will provide a forum for presentation of results from projects related to the BRAIN initiative and Human Brain Project, and will stimulate new ideas and collaborations that will provide visionary direction for future projects. In addition this meeting will provide an opportunity for students, trainees and young investigators to present their work, and to hear and network with internationally-renowned invited speakers who represent the broad diversity of this burgeoning field. This meeting will serve to shape the careers of young trainees embarking on careers in which optics and the brain converge. The Optics and the Brain meeting will be held at the Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourside Hotel, Vancouver, Canada April 12-15, 2015.